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Fantasy Football Ninja is an efficient and easy to use platform that allows you to manage multiple teams across different leagues all in one convenient place.

The Dashboard

A birds eye view of all your leagues on one page. Keep an eye all your Yahoo, ESPN, and NFL leagues from one central location.

League Overview

Keep an eye on all your leagues in one place! Find out what players are hurt, benched, or on bye across all your leagues quickly. Then use our tools like the Position Filter or Unified Search to add the best player that week.

Live Updates

The only website you need on Sunday. Get live scoring of all you leagues across multiple platforms on one page! The easiest way to get all the info you need and still enjoy the football games.

Player News

News is really important to fantasy football. You don’t want to be the one that leaves an injured player in your line up. We collect the news from all your leagues and show it in one league. Never miss an injury report again!

Unified Search

A good fantasy player spends hours on the waiver hire every week. Our unified search was developed to help you save some time every week by letting you search all your leagues on one place. This tool will revolutionize how you search for players every week.

Position Filter

Using our position filter gives you the ability to quickly find players by their position. Our tools helps you find the best players at any position across all leagues.

Transaction Tracker

Keep on eye on the transactions of all you leagues. Never miss on the opportunity to put in a waiver claim when the league idiot drops a WR1 because he will miss one week.

Make Your Play From Anywhere.

Fantasy Football Ninja is available on any device with an internet connection. Stay in touch with all of your teams at all times, no matter where you are.

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