Frequently Asked Questions

Are more platforms coming?

Yes. We currently support Yahoo, NFL, and ESPN. We are working hard to bring on some of the other popular platforms. Please email with the platform you want next.

My league has individual defensive players, can I still use fantasy ninja?

Yes. We are working to determine which leagues have IDP's and let those leagues use our player filter feature to find DLs, LBs, and DBs.

Is There a limit to how many leagues I can add?

Yes. We are have a limit of 5 leagues. If you email we might be able to hook you up with more leagues.

Why can't I add my league?

If you are having difficulty adding a league, it is probably because the league is set to private. Please refer to our league guideline for help adding a league.

Are there new features coming?

YES! We are working on several new features to help you manage your fantasy football leagues and give you an edge over your opponent.